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Wail Radi Esmaeel Alkowni

Prestige Real Estate

ORN #: 1981

About Wail Radi Esmaeel Alkowni

Of Jordanian and Palestenian decent, Wael was born in Kuwait City before having migrated to America, where he from his childhood until the early years of his youth lived together with his family. After graduating from high school, he entered Disney University specializing in Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management. Wael worked for several five-star hotels in the greater Orlando area including the biggest Marriott's Orlando World Center Resort & Spa in the world, which has more than 2,000 well-appointed guest rooms. Having honed everything that has to be learned about excellent customer service from the hospitality industry, he then decided to apply this in a different field - sales and marketing. Then was the decision for a career change to something he deemed more providential, the Real Estate Industry. Providing first-rate services to his clientele gained him remarkable advances in his chosen career. He was promoted to a Real Estate Sales Supervisor in one of the leading broker companies in Jordan where he continued to root himself, building solid years of experience in the process. His insatiable hunger for success led him to shift to Dubai given the countries' inviting vibe to property specialists & consultants. Working in Prestige Real Estate as a specialist in Downtown and neighboring communities, Wael is esteemed for his excellent product knowledge and admired for his transparency. Having a very jovial personality, he too is very much liked and appreciated by colleagues of different statures. He constantly imbibes the well-known saying, What goes around comes around', from which he ensures that he offers only the best customer service while expecting something better - the resulting trust of his clients, the camaraderie built from that trust, and the relationships preserved as a result of which.

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